Anatoli Kiiza, a 33-year-old Ugandan, has been in a back-and-forth with the government for over five years, pleading for permission to test his locally produced missile.Apart from the missile, the young man from Kiryangobe previously told reporters that he might also make a rocket launcher. “I designed, built, and updated a missile. Kiiza said, “I can even make a rocket launcher.”

He asked the government once more in the beginning of 2021 to give him legal permission to test the missile on Lake Albert. He said, “I just need four days where everyone isn’t on the Lake and I can test the weapons.” Authorities, on the other hand, believe that the aforementioned lake is shared with the DRC, which makes granting such a request impossible.His eagerness to try these guns has been pointless over the past five years; at worst, he has been convicted on several counts. During one meeting with the cops, Kiiza explained how he came to have such a strong desire for guns.“When I was a child, I put together a homemade bomb and went to a river to try it. My right leg was injured when I erupted. Villagers became worried and informed the LCI. “I was warned by my mother not to make such hazardous materials,” he told the police.

However, Obiba Ogania, the country’s State Minister for Internal Affairs, stated that the ban is only temporary and that the government will consider granting him the necessary permission in the future. “First and foremost, we congratulate him… Whether the military has temporarily stopped him, I’m sure it’s just for a short period. It’s solely for the purpose of adhering to the protocols. And, if it’s valid, you’ll see the substance being properly screened sooner or later,” the minister told UBC Television.




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