That void that whispers to me during inner communication…..does it speak from the chest or from the head – ? for when i speak to myself am not sure where the voice emanates from

The human mind…….a vast treasure trove of ideas and opinions…….a complex cyber space encased in flesh and blood;A nursery where the most complex inventions of science and art first germinate. An opaque space that has generated the most noble directions and pathways that influenced mankind’s journey ever since the vastness of time . An entity where the most diabolical and evil of mankind’s actions first emerge from dark closets as ideas.

The human mind – A fast rapid processor computer – Though man has created computers that “think & process faster” than the human mind – never can any computer have a greater depth and capacity for filtered thinking than the human mind. Never can any have the complexity and uniqueness of how man thinks – The computers we build must still differ to the computer God built – Mans mind

The human mind – A computer with components of brain and psychology of each individual ( Called personality) .

The human mind – A computer that has a plug in adds of the spiritual dimension – where the spirit being of each individual affects the mode of computer programming.

The human mind – A computer influenced by the complex rainbow called emotion.

The human mind – An entity of the cognitive such as memory, perception, imagination , thinking ,intelligence , judgement and consciousness…….an entity of the of non cognitive such as emotion and instinct.

The human mind – A computer whose hard disc processing power is determined from birth in the quotient called IQ.

The human mind – A computer whose output can be diabolical, evil and shallow despite a high IQ – if other component processors and inputs – such as thought ,personality molding experiences, character and spirit……… are poor inputs . A computer that can result in an evil genius or an intelligent ,benevolent and positive contributor to mankind’s trajectory of development .

The human mind – A computer that has created other computers .

Mans mind is a convoluted labyrinthine of – hate , love ,anger , ideas, experience , knowledge , opinions, radical thinking , conservative thoughts , progressive thoughts, evil schemes , noble thoughts and ideas ,technological prowess, magnificent arts , wealth creation , willpower , fortitude , strategic military thinking , humility , conceit,fear, empathy and much more …….

Buried minds have a net worth of the tangible and intangible valued above than all the treasures on earth – trapped in the computers buried with the flesh and blood that encapsulated them.Probably Only 15 percent of all potential of the human computer is tapped before it switches off.

Burial Grounds – Resting Place of many of the Worlds Greatest Ideas – Abstract thinkers see burial grounds as one of the worlds richest places – With lost and untapped treasure in the buried minds

…….Some opine that these computes can never really die – for the spirit component of the computer …..the soul and all manifestations of the computers spiritual windows operating system……..transcends into another realm



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