Racism; Discrimination; Human Psychology

It’s called racism when the divide is along colour lines. Racism is one of many types discrimination. Other forms of discrimination within the human race exist,they include: gender, religious, disability, sexual orientation, age, and status and amongst others .Racism is discrimination based on a prejudice and contempt for people of a particular colour .There is however something about racism that cuts deep, perhaps deeper than other forms of discrimination.

Discrimination has always been a social problem in human society, it is not restricted to the colour prism. Can discrimination be an innate human drive? Is the desire for the ego boosting and soothing feeling of superiority part of human psychology? . Even within homogeneous racial groups a perking order driven by a perception of factors such as perceived superiority of sub civilizations, wealth, military might , education and other factors exists .An example was the Nazi regime belief that the “Aryan”  or Germanic race, a subset of the Caucasian race is  superior to other  Caucasians .The impact of this belief and the drive to establish  and impose such perceived superiority fuelled one of the world’s most costly wars and the Nazi holocaust.

Racism within the same Race – An example of human hunger for superiority

…………..” And he asked many questions , but said little: questions to agitate the mind , and make you draw deductions and conclusions………..questions to make you answer your own questions ……..questions to make you aware and see the folly of the human ego……in a we versus them world………

Are there perceptions of superiority by Anglo Saxon Caucasians over Slavic Caucasians? Have Anglo Saxon Caucasians treated Slav Caucasians as inferiors?. Adolf Hitler’s extreme hatred for the Russians was not only a clash of ideology between Nazism and communism .it was also a perception of Slavs as sub human. Anti –Slavic racism was an essential component of Nazism .Yet Slavs are basically Caucasian by broad racial features.  Slavs originate from the entire region of the former USSR and Yugoslavia. Some Slavic countries today are Russia, Ukraine, Croatia and Czech republic.  Do the slight variations in physical features within sub groups of the same race, fuel a perception of superiority?. Is it also a feeling of a superior culture, wealth  and  civilization even within racial sub groups?. Why are Nordic features desired among the broad generality of the Caucasian race?. Do perceptions of physical beauty and aesthetics of some sub groups ginger feelings of superiority even within same race? .There are Caucasian sub races such as  the Nordic, Alpine, Dinaric, Iranid, East Baltic  and Mediterranean. Why did beliefs that the that the Nordic race constituted the superior branch of the Caucasian race give rise to the ideology of Nordicism  .

Typical Nordic Features

What drives this inherent hunger to feel better and superior even in such similarity and homogeneity of the same race ?.Why does any inherent perceived advantage bring a desire to put down, discriminate, exclude, assert dominance, persecute, demand subservience and submission?

Orientals feel superior to other orientals

Amongst oriental Asians is there a Japanese belief of superiority over those of Chinese or Korean extraction? .Did a Japanese belief in superiority over other Asians drive  crimes against humanity on the Asian continent during WW2 ? .Is this Racism when colour and physical features are basically the same, but sub cultures, history, orientation differ slightly  within the same racial culture ?. Did this Japanese belief in Japanese superiority over other oriental Asian drive Japanese cruelty in what some have described as the “Asian holocaust” in World war 2 ? Many Asians still resent the Japanese due to the extent , and depth of Japanese war crimes .

World War 2 Japanese soldiers

Some Arabs superior to other Arabs ?

Within the Middle Eastern and Arab world, do some Arab ethnic sub groups and nationalities feel and act superior to others ? Do they overtly and covertly try to enforce and establish a system that gives their Arab sub group privilege, power and dominance, while facilitating subjugation of other Arab subgroups with the Arab race? How much and how far does wealth , level of education and  historical factors,  fuel these feelings within the  relatively homogeneous Arab racial group?

Images of Arab ethnic groups

African tribes feeling better than other tribes

 Perceptions of tribal superiority and attempts to seclude and exclude other tribes is a root cause of many civil wars and internal fault lines in African countries. In some tribes caste systems still exist with descendants suffering discrimination in marriage, economic and social interaction .

Beyond the alleged resentment of black South Africans towards other Africans seeking greener pastures in South Africa, are insinuations of a feeling of superiority by black South Africans over other Africans real?. If real – are they nurtured by a perception that their country is one of the richest and most developed in sub Saharan Africa? Does this come as a surprise given that black South Africans who experienced centuries of discrimination in an apartheid system, would feel superior to other Africans?. How do black South African whip themselves into a frenzy and would stoop to the level of lyncing and burning fellow Africans on the streets of South African towns ?.

Did emancipated black slaves from the US return to Liberia in Africa and establish a system of political and economic subjugation of native Liberians who they referred to as “country boys”? .If yes  – what was the aftermath effect of this subjugation a few hundred years later?. What are  the root causes of the Liberian coup , which snowballed into 2 Liberian civil wars ?. Have African tourists and immigrants to the United states and Uk experienced a form of discrimination from Afro American and Afro British communities ?…….a kind of standoffish coldness or hostility that signals – You should know your place ?

Wars in Africa caused by ethnic conflict


By broad racial features Jews are Caucasians. What are the causes of hostility from many “white tribes against a fellow white tribe (Jews)” ? .Is envy is one reasons for Anti-Semitism? ……..the constant upward mobility of Jews within all white communities they settle in? .Why did Hitler blame Jews for some of Germany’s economic woes? .Was envy one of the factors that manifested in aggressive racism towards Jews? Whatever may be the factors that fuel anti-Semitism, Jews are Caucasian in all physical characteristics. However this sub Caucasian group has suffered extreme forms of racism right since medieval ages within all the Caucasian societies of the world.

WW2 era – A sign in German saying “Jews are not welcome here”

Is discrimination an inherent trait of the human race? Is it fueled by a perception of superior aesthetic beauty ,  apparent   economic and social advantage, the perceived weakness of another group, a feeling of superior culture, organisation and civilization?.

Is there an ego in man that is massaged by a feeling of superiority over other men? ……..Is it inherent in man to have a desire for dominance, exclusion, degradation, segregation, and to expect subservience from other men perceived as weaker, poorer, less civilised and different?

……………………..To be continued



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