By Melvin Tejan Mansaray, Abuja, Nigeria

The Deputy Speaker of the 9th Nigerian House of Representatives, Ahmed Idris Wase has explained his country’s role in the regional integration of people, security, and the upholding of democratic best
practice in the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)

He was speaking in an interview with ECOWAS Press Corps just after the
opening ceremony of the ECOWAS Parliament’s  Second Ordinary  Session
held on Tuesday 30th November 2021 in Abuja, Nigeria.

Responding to a question on the role of Nigeria in advancing regional cooperation and integration, Hon.  Wase said  Nigeria has always intervened to ensure and instill regional security and integration at
trying times for countries like Sierra Leone and elsewhere. “In terms of being there for our brothers, Nigeria has been living for
our brothers,” He said.

Insecurity has been a pest in the sub-region of late, Hon. Wase said that,” Security is everybody’s business. We need the entirety of the sub-region to stave off the threats, you are aware that from Mali to Nigeria, they have been facing challenges from possibly what happened in Libya where most of the arms have been carted away and finding
their way to our various countries, so, we have been talking in terms of collaboration with ourselves as MPs, the Executive –  president talking to the president and so;  I believe that we are doing our best
to stem the issue of insecurity and promote cross cooperation. As journalists, you know what other West Africa Region are  doing  –
exposing, arresting, and then prosecuting.”

On the stance of the ECOWAS on  Mali and Guinea, Hon. Wase said that they can be represented by civilians but not military junta representatives.

 “We do not condone coups and we do not tolerate that, we are democratic institutions and we must uphold the sense of democratic tenets.


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