Sunday, October 2, 2022

Black Alliance Hub is a blog that discusses all issues as they concern the black race. The blog encourages positive discuss on problems , possibilities, experiences , triumphs, failures and factors mitigating against/for the upliftment of the black race.

The hub is therefore a wide over arcing forum, covering a wide range of topics. The sheer complexity and range of issues this hub deals with in relation to the black race may classify it an all-encompassing interface on the black race

The cradle of the black race is Africa. Africa itself is a very diverse continent with over 3000 different ethnic groups and 2100 languages in 54 Nation states. Different colonial influences further diversify the continent. Furthermore the black race is spread across the globe, ranging from North America, South America, the Caribbean to Europe. The Arabian Peninsula and indeed Asia also have their black populations. ’Black Asians” are Asians of African descent found in Pakistan and India.

The black race has varied experiences, struggles and success in environments that vary from Africa to the Americas, Europe and Asia.

This blog covers thus a vast myriad of issues, concepts, prospects and problems .

Topics range from politics to racism, black feminity and black masculinity, black experiences in different professions, cultural erosion and diffusion, immigration,sports, current global events especially as they impinge on the black race and humour .It is an umbrella for varied interaction amongst people of African heritage.

The ultimate mission of this blog is positive interaction by all black people and friends of black people, towards a progressive trajectory for all people of African heritage .

Black Alliance Hub, does not exist only for black people. The Views, opinions and contributions of people of other races are welcome .Their honest views are desired as long as it’s not laced with hate, racism or prejudice.

Welcome to the Black Alliance Hub.