Amina Rawaram was a Kanuri Maiduguri based singer that was so popular in the late colonial period and to some extent in to the Post independent Nigeria Borno era.

She was blessed with a golden voice as such that people listen to her even if they do not understand the Kanuri Language. In fact experts in music named her as the Last Diva of the Sahara Desert.

She was amazingly beutiful with long hairs.

Many of the generations born in the late 1970s till date might not know her well, but her voice stands and remains popular in all the radio stations of the North Eastern part of Nigeria and to some extent even at the radio Kaduna, radio chad, radio damagaram, radio kanem and even radio Khartoum.

She sang songs to nature,Borno,ladies and some important personalities and the most popular among them was Alhaji Tijjani Dagazzau the owner of the Kaduna based Dagazzau Carpet industry located in the heart of the Kadua city of Kaduna state in Nigeria.

As a result of her popularity the Borno society named one of their most beautifully designed traditional multy colored Cap as Amina Rawaram.

Today apart from Kanuri people almost people from every tribes admired the Amina Rawaram Aji Cap including President Buhari, Bola Tinubu and ex-president Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida of Nigeria.

She was a legend.

This article was written by Ali AlhajI of Fezzan


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